Paying off your home loan sooner

We all know the most common ones: Pay off your home loan sooner

1. Pay off quickly
2. Pay fortnightly instead of monthly
3. Make payments at a higher interest rate amount
4. Consolidate your debts
5. Abandon minor luxuries
6. Switch to a new loan or lender with a more suitable rate and package

What about some others that we often don’t think about?

7. Use your offset account to your advantage
Instead of putting your spare cash into an interest bearing account where you earn very little interest and pay tax on the interest you earn, transfer any spare money you have into your offset account.

The additional cash works to offset the interest you are paying on your home loan.

8. Split your loan
If you are the type of borrower who worries about interest rates increasing but you don’t want to be tied down by a fixed loan, a good compromise is a split loan.

Split loans allow you to fix part of your home loan and set the balance of the loan with the variable rate of interest. Essentially this allows you more flexibility knowing part of your loan is safely fixed and won’t move.

If interest rates don’t go up (or if they rise only slightly or slowly) then you have the flexibility of the variable portion of your loan and can pay that component off more quickly.

9. Use your equity
If you have made good progress by paying down your home loan, many lenders will allow you to use a portion of this equity for investment. Providing you can service the new debt, it is the most common strategy for wealth creation used in Australia.

As long as you are being advised and guided by a reputable credit adviser or financial planner, this type of investment is usually a safe strategy to start planning your financial future.

10. Refinance and invest the difference
When you are fortunate enough to refinance and reduce your monthly repayments, rather than increasing your lifestyle or even paying down your mortgage, it is sometimes wise to invest the difference.

We recommend you seek counsel and advice from a qualified finance specialist, before trying to figure it out yourself. Don’t waste the opportunity by making mistakes.

11. Don’t be afraid of alternate lenders with cheaper rates
There are many second tier lenders who provide excellent products and rates competitive to the BIG 4.

With a strong property market and low interest rates, there are plenty of opportunities being provided by alternate lenders willing to take on traditional lenders with low fees and very competitive products.

12. Don’t set and forget
There is always the temptation to let your mortgage roll along, make your repayments as they fall due and think as little about it as possible. This attitude could be your biggest mistake.

It is important to keep yourself up to date with the property and finance market. Rates change, new products are introduced and changes in the finance market itself may allow you to seize an opportunity or negotiate a better deal.

The top 12 tips for paying off your home loan sooner is kindly provided by one of our valued clients – Mobile Mortgage Solutions Pty Ltd. If you need assistance with your home loan, please contact Neil to find out how he can help you.