Tips for a Successful Family Business

Running a family business sounds like a great idea, right? A family business has the potential to benefit all the family members.Family business[2]

People you can trust, who share the same ideas, with the same work ethic – everyone’s happy. No need to for formalities, official job descriptions, involving outsiders, right?

Well, think again!

If you want to run a successful family business, it has been well documented that, the key is to embrace and implement the following measures:

1. Leave work at work and home at home.

2. Have clearly assigned roles for each family member to avoid feelings of being taken for granted, over-worked or under-utilised.

3. Pay the market rate – remunerate the job and not the person.

4. Develop a strong, capable management structure – don’t confuse ownership or inheritance with management.

5. Have clear, consistent communication – both good and bad news must be shared.

6. Clearly define entry and exit criteria for family members before an event occurs.

7. Develop a succession plan and ensure that it is endorsed by interested parties – a communicated process rather than sudden event.

8. Use outside advisers who can provide unbiased, objective advice – preferably accredited, family business advisers.

9. Hold regular communication sessions and family ‘retreats’ – the best results are those facilitated by a `third party’.

10. Use external advisers, sounding board, mentors and family business forum groups.

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