Businesses – Protect Your Identity

How identity crime affects businessesIdentity theft

  • Identity thieves can take your details by:
  • breaking into your business and stealing your records
  • taking a photo of your business or employee details
  • stealing your passwords, account logins and AUSkey.

Identity thieves can use your stolen identity to:

  • create fake businesses and commit refund fraud in your name
  • take over your business and submit adjustments for BAS that you have previously lodged
  • takeover existing AUSkeys or create new AUSkeys in your name and commit fraudulent activities
  • sell your identity to national or international organised crime groups

How to protect your business

Identity thieves often target businesses to steal information to commit tax fraud and other crimes. This may include lodging false GST claims, obtaining loans in the business’s name or purchasing goods under the business’s name.

It is important that you protect your business information from identity thieves:

1. Know what to protect

2. Secure your business premises

3. Secure your systems

4. Protect your AUSkey

5. Ensure you have internal controls

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